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1979 - 1983

Touch & Go Fanzine was the brainchild of Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson and was launched in Lansing, Michigan in 1979. Major fanatics of the new punk happenings in the late 70’s, TV and DS set out to chronical, lambaste, ridicule and heap praise on all they arbitrarily loved or hated in the music communities in the US and abroad.. Inspired by magazines such as Slash and Search and Destroy and writers like Claude Bessey and Chris DesJardines, TV and DS would pump out 17 issues together with TV doing the last 5 solo. In laughably miniscule press runs by today’s standards, T&G was made by guys within the Midwest scene strictly for the edification of scenesters and pals in other markets like DC, Philly, Boston, LA, SF, Chicago et al. It can be argued that magazines like Forced Exposure and Your Flesh among others may have been inspired by T&G to fire up the xerox machine themselves. Regardless Touch and Go was what it was..a naughty, irreverent bird walkin trip thru punk, hardcore, industrial, and indie of the late 70’s and early 80’s, and oh what a fun trip it was!

Rob Sours - 2007



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Issue #1
printed in quantity of 100. 16 pages. Issued in the Oct of 1979. Articles, and record reviews

Issue #2
Avengers cover. 200 made 22 pages.Printed on pink paper. Letters to the editor, articles, record reviews, casutic editorials, T&G Best of for 1979 ballot, top and bottom 40.

Issue #3
Specials cover. 200 made. 20 pages. Printed on blue paper. Interview with Detroit band The Cubes, articles on The Specials, The Fall, and the usual reviews, and caustic commentary.

Issue #4
Johnny Rotten cover. 200 made on pink paper. 16 pages long. Articles on Johnny Thunder’s Gang War, The Undertones, Cabaret Voltaire, PIL, and the usual reviews and vitriol.

Issue #5
Tesco Vee cover. 200 made on pink paper. 20 pages. Articles/ reviews on Destroy All Monsters, The UK Ska craze, The Nurses, The Bad Brains, Doll By Doll, The R&R Bankrobber, 999, and more.

Issue #5
Second Printing. Green paper. Quantity unknown

Issue #6
1980 Friction cover. 200 made on pink paper. 20 pages. Feature on the LA punk scene, Friction from Japan, the Feelies, The Cramps, and the usual.

Issue #7
1980. 19 pages. 200 made. Articles on The Gang Of Four, X, Revillos, and reviews and the usual.

Issue #8
Nov 1980. 200 made. Offset 2 color cover. 22 pages. Features on The Misfits, Friction, Wire, The Cure, Flesh Eaters, and a shitload of reviews.

Issue #9
Jan 1981. 200 made. 18 pages. Features/Articles on The Fix, Crass, The Wipers, the Necros, The Cramps.

Issue #10
March 1981. Jello Biafra Cover. 200 Made. 1ST 2 Color offset cover, Features/Articles on Club Doo Bee, The Necros, The Skids, The Dead Kennedys, Cockney Rejects, and more

Issue #11
June 1981. Penelope Houston of the Avengers cover. 200 Made. 24 pages long. Features and Articles on Black Flag, The Effigies, Funny review of GG Allin’s first record, Fear, Friction, and alot more.

Issue #12
1981. Dez from Black Flag cover. 200 made. Features/Articles on The Tools, The Fix, and tons of reviews.

Issue #13
1981. 200 made. Greggy & The Dipshits cover. 200 made. 22 pages. Features/Articles on Vancouver scene, Necros and Doa at Club Doo Bee, Interviews with The Fix, The Necros, Discharge, Flipper, Black Flag and tons of reviews.

Issue #14
200 Made. The Necros cover. Features Articles on Black Flag, DC Scene, SOA Minor Threat, Meatmen Comics, and many reviews.

Issue #15
1982. 500 Made.came with Goldenrod and green covers. Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat Cover. Articles/ Features on Violent Apathy, The Fix, Ian MacKaye, Youth Brigade, The Necros, and tons of reviews.

Issue #16
1982. 500 made. With orange or beige covers Nothing Sacred cover. 22 pages. Interview with Iron Cross, The Misfits, Bad Religion, Negative Approach, Violent Apathy, DC Scene coverage and much more

Issue #17
1982 500 made. Doyle from The Misfits cover. Features/Articles on JFA, Fear, Midwest Hardcore Update, Nice color spread shot of Cosey Fanny Tutti and more...

Issue #18
1982 500 made. Has Oil from The Effigies cover. Features/Articles on Midwest and DC Scenes, Effigies, Bored Youth, Zyklon and much more..

Issue #19
1982 500 made. 22 pages John Brannon from Negative Approach cover. Features/Articles on L-Seven,Void, Battalion Of Saints, Crucifucks, 7 Seconds, NA, The Wrecks, Pushead art and more..

Issue #20
1982 1,000 made. 26 Pages. Pushead cover with inset pic of the man himself. Interviews with Faith, Effigies, Minor Threat, Iron Cross, and much more.

Issue #20 (Back Cover)
Back cover of issue 20 was artwork done by Pushead based on Tesco's idea making fun of Henry's new long hair in Black Flag. Henry flipped out and called up Pushead and yelled at him, then called up Tesco as well. This piece of art ended TV and Henry's friendship.

Issue #21
1983. 1,000 made. Has members of SS Decontrol and Krew on cover. Features on Friction, The Allied, Scream, Faith, Die Kreuzen, Crucifix, Insurrection, The Misfits, Lots of DC coverage and reviews.

Issue #22
1983. Last Issue. 40 pages 1,000 made. Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins cover. Interviews and Features on Poison Idea, White Flag, SSD, Sado Nation and a whole lot more